Sequences & Spirals

​Exploring Fibonacci Numbers through Music, Dance, Math and the Visual Arts

Deidre Cavazzi 

Orchestral Work:
Dr. Norman Weston

Science Talk:
Deanna Valdez (Mathematics)
Blake Stephens (Architecture)
Robert Farnsworth / Ken Lee (Horticulture)


​Artistic director Deidre Cavazzi organized an interdisciplinary celebration of Fibonacci numbers which featured mini-lectures on the sequence’s relationship to math (presented by Deanna Valdez), architecture (presented by Blake Stephens), and horticulture (presented by Robert Farnsworth and Ken Lee).  Cavazzi created choreography to accompany the premiere of Norman Weston’s new orchestral work, as well as a piece combining text, movement, and projected images.  A lobby display of student photography and visual art, curated by Ryan Even and Erin O’Shea, also accompanied the performances.